About Tandoor Master

Tandoor Master brings you traditional outdoor cooking appliances to experience the mouthwatering and vivid Indian flavours.

The cooking experience

The clay tandoor oven is a flavour chamber where food is cooked from all angles - direct heat from the charcoal, radiating heat from the clay walls, and smoky flavours rising from the marinades hitting the hot charcoal. It’s a unique flavour that you won't find from any other cooking method.

About our Tandoors

We source the finest Chikni Mitti (sticky clay) from the clay soils of the Indus Valley region in Northern India. This clay has been used in traditional cooking for hundreds of years, making it perfect for tandoors. 

Our experienced clay potters hand mould the clay to form them into pots, which are then housed in durable steel bodies to create the finest tandoor ovens.

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