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Rajput Tandoor

Rajput Tandoor

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The Rajput model is the premium tandoor from the Tandoor Master range. It is modeled on a tandoor craftsman's imagination of what would have been used for cooking up banquets in the old Rajput kingdoms.

  • Cook with charcoal or wood, or select the 2 in 1 variant to be able to cook with gas also.
  • Sturdy wheels to help with maneuverability
  • Sliding smooth action sliding air vent for temperature control and access to ash cleaning 
  • Double steel body with double insulation, which helps retain higher temperatures more efficiently.
  • Premium finish comprising copper chrome colour stainless steel panels. 
  • Comes loaded with a full set of accessories including 10 skewers, bbq grill tray, premium naan gaddi and naan sancha.


Technical specifications

  • Fuel type - charcoal/wood
  • Dimensions - 23" Diameter x 28" Height (including wheels) x 11" Mouth opening x 15" Internal diameter
  • Weight - 75kg


What's included

  • Premium lid with wooden handle
  • 10 piece skewer set (6 x 5mm skewers and 4 x 8mm skewers)
  • Bbq grill tray
  • Naan sancha 
  • Naan hook and scraper set
  • Premium gaddi (naan cushion) with washable and removable cover
  • Instruction manual
  • The 2 in 1 model comes with a removable gas kit (not including bottle)
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